A "Sell My Car Guide" To Selling A Used Car

    This "Sell My Car" guide will help you how to advertise your car the right way. Used cars outsold new cars 41.4 million against 16.1 millions in 2007. Used car for sale is a lucrative market. So don't worry, with the right amount of exposure, you'll be able to sell your car.

    Sell My Car Guide Tip:

    Don't trade your car at a dealership because you'll surely lose money. Avoiding to sell a car at dealerships is strongly urged.

    By now, you have determined how much your car can fetch in the market as you research and make comparisons in free internet sites like Web2Carz.com


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    *average customer savings are based on a random sample of application, funded loan data and various assumptions. Now it's time to advertise your used car for sale. There are some ways to advertise your used car. This Sell My Car guide advices online car classifieds although the following ways are also common:
    • Parking it at a busy street with the "For Sale" sign prominently on the window.
    • Buying a 2-week ad at a local newspaper, weekly "shoppers" and giveaway newspapers.
    • Word of mouth - tell your friends and family.
    • At your work, a local store or your school.
    • On-line classifieds.

    There's a few pros and cons in each one of them. Parking your automobile for sale at a street might cause it to be vandalized or stolen. Buying ads a local daily newspaper is not cost effective for it's expensive and if you are exceeding the per word limit, it will cost you more. Word of mouth can reach a limited amount of people and that's true also if you advertise at your work, a local supermarket or your school.

    Sell My Car Guide Tip

    Listing on online classifieds is much more effective. There are more eyeballs, more exposure, and therefore better chance of sale. If you have millions surfing the net, your car has a better chance of getting seen. Use a site with a money back guarantee in case your car does not sell in a certain time period. Some sites run the ad for one low price until the car sells.

    This Sell My Car guide also notes advertising at online classifieds pretty much expedites selling your car.

    How To Advertise

    A few advertising terms and definitions:

    Must Sell!: This often means the seller is very motivated and must sell the car ASAP.
    OBO: It means "or best offer" usually means you are eager to sell used car.
    Asking price: Indicates willingness to negotiate, but it is one notch below OBO on the eagerness scale.
    Firm: This word means that you aren't in a hurry to sell the car. With research and a copy of your car's Vehicle History Report, this is the term that you must always use.
    Sell My Car guide advices that you phrase your ad just the way you talk to prospective buyers. State the price, the year, make, model and trim level of your used car for sale along with the mileage, color, condition and popular options. It's advisable to price your car not like how dealers price theirs. Not $4,995.95 but $5,000 or $4,975. Price them accordingly.

    More "sell my car" tips":

    Haggling With A Buyer

    Sell My Car Guide Tip

    It's important that you practice certain precautions when dealing with prospective buyers. They are practically strangers and it's hard to determine who are the good guys and the bad guys. It's hard to tell if the person you are talking on the phone is a thief. Always ask for his driver license and go with him during the test drive. Being inside the car also allows you to answer his questions about the car. If you are uncomfortable about a buyer coming over to your house, arrange to meet him at a familiar and well-trafficked place during the day, not at nighttime.

    Buyers who are looking for bargains will attempt to lowball you, to disparage your car, pointing out that there are dents and imperfections and that same models sell for a lot less elsewhere. But you can retort, "why didn't you buy that car you are talking about?" He's just bluffing but you know better. Show him the printout of your research at the internet sites above. This Sell My Car guide reminds you that tons of people are looking for private cars for sale so another one will surely come looking.

    Sell My Car Guide Tip:

    Another important thing to remember: most buyers are scared that your car could be a lemon. That's where your Vehicle History Report will put the buyer at ease. He'll trust your car more the moment he starts looking at it because now he's got some kind of assurance that his money is safe, that he's dealing with private cars for sale which have clean titles and don't have any serious issues. Show him also your maintenance record and if you have one, the buyer's doubts will disappear the more.

    You'll encounter aggressive buyers, who will try to drive your price to the ground. Avoid such buyers. Walk away. With how you do your advertising and with the exposure that it has at online classifieds, you'll have plenty of calls. Try to arrive at a ballpark figure with callers. Ask them how much they are willing to pay and if it's close enough to your asking price, ask him over. That way, you know that you are dealing with serious buyers only, who would rather look at private party sale, than at used car dealerships.

    It's a good idea to hold to your price when your car first goes up for sale. If it takes you time to get any buyers, you'll know you have to adjust your price. if you can sell after a month, you can renew for free. You can run your ad until your car sells.

    If a prospective buyer comes over to look at your car then test-drive it, expect him to make an offer. Be ready with how you would respond to different kinds of offers. Remember that most buyers, just like you - the seller, are not professional negotiators. But you can always arrive at a certain price. Leave some room for compromise. But generally speaking, be firm with your asking price. Remind them that you arrived at your price after much research. As a rule of thumb, though, expect to get less than your asking price for the car. But be consoled with the fact that you'll always get more than any dealer will offer. And listing your car for sale at online classifieds leaves you with the most cash, a fact that this Sell My Car guide observes.

    In the course of selling your car, some will put conditions before buying your car. They will ask your car to be brought to a mechanic for inspection. That's a reasonable request. If a repair is needed, and you trust the mechanic, you can offer to reduce the agreed-upon price by all or part, of the amount for the repair. If the car is in good running order but is an older car, the mechanic might see more repairs that are needed. If the buyer points that out, tell him that in your ads, the car is being sold "as is," and all older cars certainly have issues, be it minor or major. You are not selling a new car.

    Sell My Car Guide Tip

    In most states, the condition of a used car for sale is considered "as is" and no warranty is provided or implied. Therefore, if the car breaks down after you have sold it, you are under no obligation to refund the buyer's money or pay to have it repaired. If you have sold a car to someone who took it for inspection at a garage and the mechanic found nothing wrong with it, you have done all you can to protect yourself and the buyer. Which leaves you thinking, that this Sell My Car guide is essential in helping you to get rid of your unwanted used car.

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