New Car Buying - What You Need To Know To Get The Best Deal

    New car buying isn't relegated to the smart shopper anymore. Why? The internet. When I was looking for a new car many years ago, my very first step was to go to a certain dealership that I always passed by while boarding the bus. I was eyeing a very nice looking, late model imported car. I didn't want a used car. Naturally, I knew absolutely nothing about buying a car.

    I went with my brother-in-law who was willing to co-sign for me. He was also more knowledgeable than I was about cars and dealing with car salesmen. I found the car that I wanted and my brother-in-law haggled with the car salesmen about the price. The first thing that the salesman asked was "How much monthly payment can you afford?"

    Seems like an innocent question. But many years and several cars later, that question was always the first question that every salesman asked me. It never dawned in me that it's a ploy. The main purpose of the car salesman is to get as high a commission that he could. And of course, car dealerships are out there to make money. It's only natural for them to get you to buy a car which is more than you can afford. And through the years, it seemed like I always got a rotten deal.

    Thanks to the internet, information about new car buying unlike of old is available with an internet connection. And yes, the car buying landscape had changed immensely. The internet had opened avenues which seemed incomprehensible just 10 years ago. We now can do Car Comparisons - Car Pricing Comparison, Warranty Comparison, Option and Feature Comparisons.

    Vehicle pricing can be complicated and sometimes confusing. But car prices are published online which provide no-haggle, no-hassle pricing and delivery information on the vehicle of your choice. Warranty comparisons provide you with the best options available depending on the car's make and model.

    Let new car buying become an easier task for you. We have more access for example to stated Invoice Price which are published online. Invoice Price is what the manufacturer charges the dealer, plus any standard (required) option packages. List Price is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) plus any standard (required) option packages.

    You can find out about rebates online whereas before, unless you ask the car salesman, he wouldn't volunteer the information to you. You can figure out instantly your savings for the car that you like.

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    New car buying also brings up another important component: reviews. Let's face it: you badly want a new car that you see being advertised in TV's or which you always see on the road. But who knows the performance of that car unless you do your homework. By reading reviews online, you now know, from independent sources, the pros and cons about a car of your choice. You will leave the guesswork out of it.

    Payment Calculator
    Armed with a payment calculator which is readily available at any car site, you can instantly calculate, based on the information that you already have like rebates, downpayment, and trade-in value of your old car, how much your monthly payment will be.

    Automobile Loans Shopping

    There’s nothing worse than a bad car loan. Especially when a little research would, in all likelihood, save you from the upside-down blues that makes driving a car more expensive than taking a taxi cab. There are many ways to find the best loan for you regardless of your credit standing. Again, it's easy to find automobile loans tailored to your situation.

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