A New Car Deal At The Dealer: What To Watch For

    Your new car deal is imminent - you went home and made the car comparisons at car websites online, auto financing if you have good credit or car financing if your credit is bad, obtained an extended car warranty online and realized that you like the pricing of a new vehicle at a particular dealer. You have done your homework and are happy that your effort will have realized you some savings.

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    But don't leave your guard just yet. Dealerships have myriad ways to make money off you and I will list them here in an effort to urge you to be cautious when you work on your new car deal in a series of Don'ts:

    Don't buy rust proofing from them.
    This is pure profit for them. Most cars already have 6 year/100000 mile rust warranties, so you don't need rust protection.

    Don't buy their car alarm.
    They pay maybe $50 to have them installed and sell them for $400 and up.

    Don't get Lowjack.
    Lojack is a device police use to locate your stolen car. It costs around $700, and is installed by the car dealer. The dealer claim that "alarms save 50% off your auto insurance", they don't. It could save up to 10% off the theft portion of your auto insurance, no more. If you bought top of the line Mercedez, it might be worth it.

    Don't pay for detailing.
    Another of those money maker for the dealer which cost them little and cost you a lot more.

    Don't buy the paint protection
    Don't waste your money on this junk where the dealer spends $5 and charges you a couple of hundred.

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    Don't buy Credit Life insurance at the dealer.
    If you have bad credit, they may tell you that you must take this insurance. This is a lie and it is against the law to compel you to buy this needless coverage. You can buy it cheaper from your insurance agent.

    Don't leave the dealership without double checking the math of your paperwork and the condition of your new car.
    You don't want to go home and find that there's a few holes in your new car deal: a light doesn't work, there's a missing option on your car, or they slipped in a few options that you don't want where you get charged for.

    You are driving your new car off the dealership lot, you are happy with your buy, and are proud that you feel like an expert car buyer.

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