Haynes Auto Repair Manuals - A Must-Have

    Do-it-yourselfers benefit from Haynes auto repair manuals. They are a worldwide leader in auto, motorcycle, and ATV repair, maintenance and customizing  with sales of over 150 million total sold globally. Haynes Manuals are the ultimate DIY guide books for your car, whether they are used, your beloved vintage or classic car, or your newly purchased dream car.

    These manuals are one of the most widely read automotive books in the world, covering a lot of makes and types of automobiles, especially the most popular and best selling vehicles. Each manual is a detailed, step-by-step procedure in how to maintain and repair parts of a car.

    Writing each manual takes Haynes' expert personnel many hours, working as a team to shorten the production time and avoid fatigue during the strenuous dismantling and tear down of each particular car. The tear downs areaccomplished using only a basic set of tools in anticipation of ordinary users' resources.

    There are over 600 Haynes auto repair manuals and the company continually adds more. Those were the results of more than 2,000 tear downs, which is the step-by-step procedure of dismantling a particular  vehicle part-by-part. Hundreds of photos  accompany each manual’s step-by-step instructions.

    To give you an idea how dependable these manuals are, you need to know that from the time a vehicle arrives in their workshop to the time the manual is available is about 5 months. Writing a manual takes a team of technical authors roughly 3 months working with Haynes mechanic during the vehicle teardown and rebuild, followed by production and printing prior to distribution to retail locations.

    Although most want a hardcopy, printed manual while working on a vehicle, Haynes now offers digital manuals. Digital Manuals are an electronic version of their iconic Haynes Repair Manual.  Haynes has converted the top 254 selling Automotive manuals and 76 Motorcycle manuals to electronic format. Just search for your specific vehicle and both Print and Digital Manual options will appear if they have that coverage. Haynes will add further coverage as the conversion process continues.

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    Haynes auto repair manuals, top worldwide car manuals.

    To give you an idea about what these manuals cover, here's a few rundowns:

  1. Air cleaner assembly – removal and installation

  2. Air conditioning accumulator – removal and installation

  3. Air conditioning compressor – removal and installation

  4. Air conditioning receiver

  5. Coolant temperature sensor – replacement

  6. Cooling system servicing (coolant change)

  7. Courtesy light bulb – replacement

  8. Fuel lines – removal and installation

  9. Fuel pressure – relieving

  10. Fuel pressure regulator – removal and installation

  11. Fuel pump – removal and installation

  12. Fuel rail – replacement

  13. Grille (radiator) – removal and installation

  14. Shock absorber – removal and installation

  15. Spark plug replacement

  16. Spark plug wires – replacement

  17. Speakers – removal and installation

  18. Timing belt/chain – replacement

  19. Timing chain cover – removal and installation

  20. Tire rotation

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