Top Common Driving Mistakes

    Here's some common driving mistakes that all of us drivers are guilty of doing, sometimes repeatedly, for no obvious reason than taking driving a car for granted. Little do we remember that a car is not just transportation - if driven badly, it can be a killing machine.

    1. Driving too fast in bad conditions

    It's not unusual seeing a motorist driving his usual fast speed while it's raining hard. Or while snowing hard. Call him ignorant or stupid. Whatever name you label that driver who drives carelessly during bad weather, that just shows how drivers could be so impervious about the safety of others, let alone his own.

    2. Inattention/distraction

    Driving requires full attention. But it is one of common driving mistakes to do things that you ought to do when not behind the wheel. You see motorists eating, cutting their fingernails, using a cell phone, brushing their teeth, etcetera, etcetera, while on the road.

    3. Following another vehicle too closely

    In dry weather, 3-4 seconds is the minimum needed to stop; in bad weather or darkness, 8-9 seconds.

    More Common Driving Mistakes

    4. Running red lights

    Common driving errors that I observe. But it's no longer a mistake: it's a bad habit that can result in traffic tickets or worse, an accident.

    5. Driving after taking medicine

    Prescriptions like antihistamines can impair your driving skills as much as alcohol.

    6. Aggressive driving

    Weaving in and out of traffic, changing lanes often, cutting people off are common driving mistakes.

    7. Not wearing a seat belt

    Despite state laws, 20% of drivers still don't. You are 25 times more likely to die in a crash.

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    8. Not yielding the right of way

    No one has it; you have to give it and have it taken. Vehicles on the left should yield to those on the right. Pedestrians should have the right of way at a crosswalk. I once observed a motorist honking at a disabled person on a wheelchair, on a crosswalk in front of him, because the disabled guy was moving too slow.

    The aforementioned common driving mistakes could turn deadly. And they do everyday. Countless people getting maimed or dead simply because people had stopped exercising common sense or just stopped caring about the safety of others.

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