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    Auto part performance usually replaces factory components on your car or truck to give it more power. Car enthusiasts like these parts because they typically improve a car's acceleration, power, braking, handling, and even fuel economy.

    The most common performance auto part is a better flowing air filter, intake kit, and exhaust. Most vehicles come with  restrictive intakes and exhausts, so your car or truck cannot perform as well as it could. With more air in the engine, and a clearer path to push it out, the engine produce more power and torque.

    For example, K&N High Performance Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK) help with more air. More air means more usable power and torque throughout the engine's RPM range. 

    The FIPK was designed to promote performance in fuel injected stock engines by creating air filtration with the least resistance in air flow. The benefit of low resistance air filters can be felt directly in throttle response.

    Some air filters, such as the ones from K&N, can also aid in improving gas mileage in most cars and trucks — and they never need to be replaced.

    At Auto Barn, you can also find auto part performance brand like

  1. Bully Dog - Manufacturer of computer chip programs designed for diesel performance gains in all major diesel truck.

  2. K&N High Performance Fuel Injection Performance Kits (FIPK). More air means more usable power and torque .

  3. Corsa Performance Products Exhaust System Kits uses patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSCTM) technology to eliminate low frequency resonance while minimizing backpressure.

  4. FRAM Racing Oil Filters provide superior performance and protection. and more...

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    The installation of these parts requires the car owner to carefully consider several factors. Cost against benefit. Engines and transmissions cost a bundle of money. Will installing a new, more powerful but expensive engine be worth it? Only you can answer that question.

    On the other hand, you may be able to obtain Camshaft & Lifter Kits, Carburetor and Accessories, Cylinder Heads, Data Acquisition, Diesel Performance Systems, significant performance gains with inexpensive parts. A car's computer chip can often be replaced with a higher-performance version. Free-flow mufflers and improved air filters are also good examples of inexpensive performance parts.

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