The 1972 Aston Martin V8

    1972 Aston Martin V8

    The V8 was originally DBS V8 which was based on the 6-cylinder DBS of 1967. The V8 was from a design by Tadek Marek, a Polish automobile engineer, famous for his Aston Martin engines. His V8 was in use until the year 2000.

    The DBS was one of the first Aston Martin's with a chassis and no longer made with the traditional Superleggera tubular superstructure found on the DB4, DB5, and DB6. The three years, from 1969 through 1972, saw DBS V8 being used but by 1972, The DBS V8 became just the V8 as the 6-cylinder DBS was dropped, leaving just the V8 and the Vantage being produced.

    Almost two tons in weight, the Aston Martin V8 was meant to be Aston's moneymaker for the '70s but the car was released during a worldwide recession. With its 5.3-liter engine and a top speed of 160 mph, the company was able to produce just 19 V8s in 1975 but the following years saw 2,842 V8s, Vantages and Volante convertibles produced until 1989. Perhaps, lovers of the V8 liked its aluminum body which was hand-smoothed or they just want to follow in the steps of buyers like King Hussein of Jordan, Peter Sellers, the Prince of Wales, not to mention James Bond.

    Described as expensive, impractical, and a gas guzzler, the car which before was using Bosch fuel injection, switched back to carburetors for Series 3 in 1973. The car produced 310 hp  and could reach 60  in 6.1 seconds with an automatic transmission or 5.7 with a manual. Due to emission regulations, power was reduced to 288 hp in 1976. In 1977, a more powerful "Stage 1" engine with new camshafts and exhaust brought the power output to 305 hp.

    1972 Aston Martin V8 Specs

    Production  2,842 (including Volante and Vantage)

    Body Style  Four-seater coupe.

    Construction  Aluminum body, steel platform chassis.

    Engine  Twin OHC alloy 5340 cc V8

    Power Output Approx. 345 bhp (Vantage 400 bhp).

    Transmission Three-speed auto or five-speed manual.

    Suspension  Independent front, De Dion rear.

    Brakes Four-wheel disc.

    Maximum Speed  161 mph

    0-60 mph  6.2 sec

    0-100 mph  14.2 sec.

    1972 Aston Martin V8

    Aston Martin V8

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