The 1970 Plymouth Cuda Was An Endangered Species

    The 1970 Plymouth Cuda came in two-door, four-seater coupe and convertible, manufactured by the Plymouth division of the Chrysler Corporation from 1964 to 1974. These would be the last days of performance cars. In four short years, the Barracuda would be scrapped, a victim of the changing times as well as the gas crisis of 1973.

    These furiously fast cars were geared toward the youth culture, specifically street-racers with the high-performance models even nicknamed "The Rapid Transit System." The '70 Barracudas came in three styles and nine engine choices. The 'Cuda which was the performance model had the 383cid 335 bhp which is the same as Dodge's 383 Magnum. The 440cid "six-pack" Magnum engine cranked out 383 bhp and drank through three two-barrel Holley carburetors, explaining the six-pack label.

    1970 Plymouth Rapid Transit System

    The '70 models had shaken the economy car stigma, having no longer any vestige of the earlier year Valiant-based models. The Barracuda had kept its uncluttered shape, crisp and taut styling (shared with the Dodge Challenger), neatly concealed windshield wipers (behind the rear lip of the hood), tapered-in bumpers, flush door handles, smooth overhangs, and subtly flared wheelarches.

    The trademark shaker top, allowing the air filter space to vibrate through the top of the hood, was a 'Cuda distinctive feature. They also came in some unusual and funky "high impact" colors such as Violet, Lemon Twist, Vitamin C, and Moulin Rouge.

    Some rumors of the Barracuda's return proved to be just that. The 1971 HemiCuda convertible, is now considered one of the most valuable collectible muscle cars. Only eleven were built, seven of which were sold only in the US, some of which fetched for as high as 2 million dollars in auctions.


    A 1970 Plymouth HemiCuda

    1970 Plymouth Cuda Specs

    Production  30,267 (1970)

    Body Styles  Two-door, four-seater coupe and convertible.

    Construction  Steel unitary body.

    Engines  383cid, 426cid, 440cid V8s.

    Power Output  335-425 bhp.

    Transmission  Three-speed manual, optional four-speed manual, or three-speed TorqueFlite automatic.

    Suspension  Front: torsion bars; rear: leaf springs with live axle.

    Brakes  Front discs, rear drums.

    Maximum Speed  137-150 mph

    0-60 mph  5.9-6.9 sec

    A.F.C.  12-17 mpg

    1971 Plymouth Cuda 2-Door Coupe

    The Red Cuda above sold for $154,000 in 9013.

    1970 Plymouth Cuda

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