To Sell A Car Properly, Some Necessary Preparations

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To sell a car means that you have come to a point when you need a

newer car or a different model. Usually, people just go straight to a new car dealer and trade their old car for a new one. But wait and explore other avenues. Trading your car at a dealership should be the farthest thing in your mind. You will never realize the full market value of your car if you trade it at a dealership. Dealerships are in the business of making money ; they buy low and sell high. They have overheads, they have car salesmen to pay and rent to keep.

Car dealerships will pay you thousands of dollars less than the market value of your car. If your car is more than 4 years old, they consider your car junk because lenders will only finance cars that are 4 years old or newer. Private cars for sale will command better prices.

An important thing to consider before you put your used car for sale: it can command a good price according to who is looking at it. Family sedans are sought for by families with children or large families; SUVs are popular and whether newer or older will sell faster; don't sell your convertibles and sports cars during the fall and winter months - they sell seasonally - spring and summer months are the best times to sell them; trucks and vans are steady sellers; collector cars, although they can command high price, will taker longer to sell.

To sell a car quickly and at a price that you consider is just right requires preparation and no misteps. Find out how much your car can be sold by checking on-line classified ads. You can also check Used Vehicle Locator. Or you can go to Used Car Locator, enter your ZIP Code, select a Make and Model and voila! you can find a hundred cars with different Model year and options. Compare your car's Model and options to come up with that car's pricing.

Find out the best way to sell your car by reading car-selling from this great car site:

To give your car credibility and desirability, it helps to obtain a Vehicle History Report from AutoCheck®. Print a report for your car and furnish a copy to interested buyers. They will study the report and it will help your to secure their trust. It will help them to see that your car is clean, hasn't been flooded, involved in accidents and other issues. It's the single most important factor to sell car fast and at your desired price.

Spend some time to make sure your car looks clean and attractive.

Before you advertise it for sale, think how people would see your car. First impression is very important. You would like prospective buyers to get attracted to your car the first time they see it. To sell a car, it should be in mint condition.

Clean the car inside and out, apply wax and for better results, have it detailed. A shiny car catches the eye.

Take out all the junk from the inside of the car. You don't want prospective buyers to give you a look of exasperation when all the seats are full of unnecessary stuff.

Use a cheap window cleaner product to remove any spots and blemishes on your windows inside and outside the car and all the mirrored surfaces.

Apply Armor All on the dashboard, seats and leather and/or vinyl accessories in your car. Make them clean and shiny.

Take care of any oil change or any servicing. Let the mechanic take a quick look and have him check its condition.

Get your car's maintenance record out to show to the prospective buyers. A simple record of engine oil and transmission oil changes will poster trust in potential buyers. It's easier to sell a car that way.

Remember that to sell a car in a private sale requires some work but if you can squeeze a couple of grand more in that sale, it is worth it. Don't let the dealers pocket money which is rightfully yours.

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