My First Car - What Do I Need To Know?

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I had my first car at a relatively older age of 26. I moved to the US to look for better jobs, better

schools, a higher standard of living, you name it. Never drove a car before. Knew nothing about cars. When I started looking for my first car after 1 1/2 years of saving toward a down payment, I knew nothing about dealing with car salesmen, car insurance , extended auto warranties . Nothing. If I went to the car dealership by myself, I literally would be like a sheep out in the open with a bunch of hungry wolves. Sorry for comparing car salesmen to hungry wolves but if you go to a car dealership armed with zero information, you certainly will be like that proverbial sheep in the midst of wild animals.
I wasn't alone when I went to the car dealer. My brother-in-law went with me and helped me deal with the wolves, I mean, the car salesmen and I think I got a good deal. A lot of car salesmen are good, honest guys, out there to make a decent living. But they also go to work looking forward to making a commission for the day's work. It would be much better if you did your homework even before setting out by yourself to buy a car .

There are countless of people, young and old, who would like to buy their first car, in their minds asking "How do I buy my first car?"

The USA, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, and other European countries have big immigrant population. Many of those people from third world countries arrive at their new home in their 40's or older. Some haven't driven before, much less own their own vehicles. In the beginning, they commute through the public transportation. But they soon realize that they need a new car. After a while, they have saved enough to buy a car of their own. And having no previous experience buying a car, they set out to the car dealer to find one.

There's also your teenage kid. You've seen him grow up, watched him become curious about the sporty cars that he sees in the freeway. His older friends started to buy their own cars and start driving. The finances are tight and you dread the day that he/she will excitedly tell you one day, "Dad, when are you buying me my first car?"

Or a young man or woman, out on their own, then having saved enough, heads toward the nearby car dealership to purchase his first one.

This page is a question and answer format designed to enlighten you, the first-time buyer, in buying your very first car.

Question: I would like to buy my first car. What do I need to know?

Answer: First of all, determine what kind of car you want. By now, you have a few in mind. Depending upon your situation, you have a pretty much clear idea what it is. Is it an average car for commuting to work? Older people probably will opt for a low-profile car. Younger ones, a sporty car. And your teenager, of course, will have to be satisfied with what you buy for him.

You alone can decide for yourself whether you are going to buy a new car or a used car. If you are the type of person who dreads being stuck in the freeway due to a stalled car, then the most affordable new car might be the one for you. On the other hand, if you want to save money, then a certified pre-owned vehicle, offered at dealerships might be the best choice. Certified pre-owned cars are cars that had been intensively checked by a car dealership for any defect. They are still way cheaper than new cars.

But choose among a few cars and stick with the one that you are most comfortable with, based on your ability to pay, and your preference. Before you visit a dealership near you, first do some research online. and Yahoo! Autos are among helpful sites where you can look at the pictures of the cars that you want, compare 2 or more prospective cars, find out about the price, estimate monthly payments, find out about rebates and incentives, features of all parts of each car, as well as safety features such as whether air bags are available other than passenger seats or vehicle anti-theft. It's neat.

Tally the base price plus the cost of the options, deduct the down payment, and you will arrive at the price of the car.
Yahoo! Autos

Question: How do I get financing for my first car?

Answer: Once you have selected the cars and the options, you will need to check out an auto financing loan that is right for you. Depending upon your financial situation, are you going to pay cash for the car? or make a down payment and finance the rest. Online, you can research different financing options. Keep in mind that newer cars have usually lower rates than used cars. Also, if you have credit union at work, they provide an excellent source of credit which usually carry lower rates than regular banks or lending institutions. Weigh your options. You alone can decide which is the best for you.

If you have bad credit, don't worry. You can always find a lending institution that is willing to give you credit. Why? Cars can be repossessed. If you fall behind, they can always take your car back. So be responsible and make your payments on time. Remember, it's your first car and most first-timers' credit is usually established by the first big purchase that they make. Pretty soon, if you are careful enough about your credit, you'll be thinking about "my first house".

And even if you have Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! Auto Loans in 60 Seconds! from

Check the resources below for Payment Calculators. They are handy tools for quick check of the monthly payment that you can afford.

My First Car Resources:

Question: How about insurance for my first car?

Answer: Insurance is very important. Having one gives you peace of mind, and having one prepares

you for the worst: wrecking your first car. You're a new driver after all. You certainly need one my friend. When you buy a car, especially if it's not paid in cash, your lender will require you to get one. If you don't, you'll find yourself faced with a very expensive coverage. Why? Because lenders don't care whether you can afford the premium. All they care about is that the car you are driving (it is not yours yet in the legal sense of the word, until you get the Pink Slip, meaning it's paid off) is covered.

You need to choose properly during this 1st car driver insurance time period of your driving.

Online, you can find resources that give you quote from several insurance companies at once. You can compare the prices of the policies based on your age, gender, academic achievements, prior convictions of offenses, and any other questions that the insurance companies ask. The type of car that you select will affect the insurance coverage.

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Electric Insurance

Hoping that you enjoyed this site's car shopping tips for "my first car" buyers!!!

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