Get Out Of A Car Lease By Using Lease Transfer To Find Another More Attractive Short-Term Auto Lease

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Use lease transfer to get out of a car lease now and find another more

attractive auto lease instead of getting tied up with your car lease. allows customers who would like to exit a lease early, to walk away from their lease obligations by transferring their lease to a customer who is interested in assuming their lease. is the first and only full-service online marketplace of in-process vehicle leases. Its goal is to match individuals who are currently leasing vehicles they wish to get out of, with individuals who are looking for short-term leases with attractive payments and no money down.

The service works both ways for seller and buyer.

If you are the seller, you can get get out of a car lease by:
• Posting your vehicle ad
• Connecting with buyers
• Transferring lease
• Walking away

You want to assume a lease because of the following attractive reasons:
• No money down!
• Short lease terms!
• No hidden charges!
• Cash incentives! is the largest and most successful marketplace founded by

leaders of the Automotive Industry. They obviously know what they're doing. specializes in this kind of thing - to help ordinary folks like us to get out of a car lease that we didn't like by using their unique service of lease transfer.

Car leasing is an attractive way to obtain a car. But if we are not diligent in our research, we could end up with a sour deal. And through no fault of our own but a combination of ignorance on our part and the eagerness of auto dealers to unload their vehicles, we end up with an unfavorable auto lease deals .

It's hard to get out of a car lease because it means that you are going to lose and the leasing company going to gain out of it: you are going to pay dearly if you terminate your lease early.

You can utilize lease transfer to get out of a car lease now. It is easier for you. There's nothing to fear. Thanks to services conceived by, you can indeed get out of a car lease.

And not only that, you can assume a short term lease , with $0 down! At, leasing experts will help you find and assume a lease.

Save thousands by taking advantage of someone else's initial deposit, lowering your payments by hundreds of dollars every month. You can even make a money by taking over a lease, seller sometimes offer incentives to get out of their lease.

Get out of your auto lease prior to expiration without the penalties of breaking your lease agreement: lease transfer. Don't miss out on a opportunity that could save you thousands of dollars in dealer fees while you do a lease transfer!

Here's a few question and answer from to give you an idea what advantages there are to using this service.

Who can use Swapalease?

As a Seller: Anyone with an in-process lease, whose leasing company allows lease transfers, can use Swapalease to "sell" their lease. If you have any questions about whether or not your leasing company allows lease transfers, you can check the leasing company information at

As a Buyer: Anyone looking for a good value on a late-model used vehicle can shop Swapalease for short-term leases.

How does the Swapalease process work?

In short, Swapalease allows Lease Sellers to offer their in-process leases for assumption online where potential Lease Buyers can view them and make contact with them. Swapalease then guide the Sellers and Buyers through the lease transfer process at which point the seller is free to get out of a car lease which is disadvantageous to him.

Do I have to "swap" leases with someone?

No, you do not have to "swap" leases. Each vehicle being offered for assumption is handled as an individual concern. If you are offering a vehicle on Swapalease, and would also like to assume one of the leased vehicles on the site, you can do this, but the two transactions are managed separately.

Can I be both a "Lease Seller" and a "Lease Buyer" with Swapalease?

Swapalease encourages you to be both a Seller and a Buyer, so you can take full advantage of what it has to offer. Even though the sell and buy transactions are handled separately, it has built the web site to make it possible for you to use a single account for all of your lease transfer needs. You can monitor all of your account activity in one place, using a single username and password.

How does Swapalease protect customer information?

Swapalease protects customer information in a variety of ways. During customer transactions, data is protected using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption supplied by Verisign. Once stored on its server, data is secured using state-of-the-art firewall protection provided and monitored by Nortel Networks, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. In some cases the "lock" icon may not appear on your web browser. To verify that a page is secure, you can right-click with your mouse from within the page and select "properties" to see encryption details for the page you are viewing.

Should I feel secure about giving Swapalease my credit card information? Swapalease has taken precautions to protect your credit card information both during and after financial transactions. 128-bit SSL encryption protects the information during processing, and a state-of-the-art firewall protects information on our server. For credit card processing, Swapalease utilizes the services of Verisign, Inc., the industry standard widely recognized for providing solutions for secure online payment processing with various web clients.

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