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The car buying guide in this site will be helpful in saving money and just

plain help you deal with many aspects of new car buying .

Trade-ins. Dealers make money with your trade-ins, whether you already paid off your car or you are still continuing to make payments on them.

Car Buying Tip #5
Don't trade in a car to buy another car, whether its been paid off or you owe money on it. Trade-ins are win-win situations for the dealer. It's very hard also to realize the true value of your car when you trade it. If the dealer pays off the car, on the other hand, there's a chance that the unscrupulous ones will drag their feet to pay off your old car. It's your credit, not theirs, which is in jeopardy anyway. As much as possible, try to sell your old car to a private party.

First check how much it's worth by visiting sites like . Just click on the "Used Car", and go to the Appraise & Research, click the "Appraise" link and enter all the information it asks for, as if you are looking to buy a used car. This site is a very good car buying guide with indispensable advice about how to buy a car .

There's a guy I know who traded his old Honda for a newer Honda. He got $200 for it. Not being so savvy, somebody told him to check its value by going to a site just like and found out that the exact car with the mileage and everything, can still fetch $1,200. A couple of weeks later, he had to come back to complete the paperwork and the finance guy told him (or "lied" to him?) that a guy offered $50 for his car. He knew that the finance guy was lying to his teeth, as if $200 is the best price he could get for his old Honda. Disgusted, he walked out of that place, swearing never to come back again. If that guy only checked this website's car buying guide he would have been $1,000 richer.

Car Buying Tip #6
Don't wait till the last minute to buy a car. If your car is getting old and it had broken down a few times, perhaps its time to look for a car now. is the best place to buy new cars online . They also have a car buying guide that leads you to stuff like Incentives & Rebates, Top 10 Lists, Safety Guide, Most Fuel-Efficient Cars. They offer low, no-haggle prices and have a huge selection of new and used cars. If you choose to buy new car online through, a Vehicle Specialist will contact you quickly. If you prefer to buy from a dealer, they will match your needs with a member of their authorized dealer network near you. Your VIP dealer representative will work with you to find your vehicle and negotiate a low price.

If you need to sell your clunker you can list it on, where it will be available to more than 6 million car shoppers every month.

Car Buying Tip #7
Look around for sources of auto financing even before you start shopping for a car. This site's car buying guide can help you do exactly that. If you are an employee of a government agency, corporate, school district, college you probably have a credit union. Credit unions charge less on loans so they are the best possible off line lender out there. You can also try asking for a loan from your bank. Family is a good source of financing for a loan but if you are just establishing your credit, it doesn't help you to build it. Another good source are equity loans but the only advantage is you can deduct interest from your taxes. Typically, equity loans have terms of 15 years and its possible that your loan can outlive your car. Consider auto financing loan by the dealer as a last resort. They usually charge higher interest except when they sometimes offer low rate auto loan promotion. Be aware of First Time Buyer Programs that some dealerships offer. They are intended for graduating college senior and these programs are subsidized by the car manufacturer.

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For people with credit problems, try this financing site:

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The car buying guide tips in this website can help you tremendously in your search for a car.

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