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Buying autos is now painless with the help of online car services. It used to be laborious because we

were not armed with the right information. Those days are history with the help of online car websites which make auto purchases faster. Buying new car is now a breeze. And in buying used cars, you don't have to worry so much about getting a lemon.

Thanks to the internet, a whole world of information gathering is at our fingertips. Without the right sites though, you can be inundated with information which could be overwhelming at times. How to process that information in a way that you can use is how some internet sites can be really helpful to us, the consumers. Any unprocessed information can be bewildering in the array of choices before us offline and online.

Nowadays, due to the advances in automotive technology, most automakers produce the best cars possible. We choose cars based on what we see on TV or the cars that zoom past is in the freeway. But can we base our choices on such raw observations? No, we can't because buying a car is a big decision because it usually is a big investment.

We should not be impulsive and buy what seemed to be the best choice at the moment. Thankfully, when buying autos, there are tools and services out there that can be really helpful whether you are buying a new or used car.

Take for example car comparisons . Buying autos in the old days before the advent of the internet,

when we want to , we visit the nearest car dealership and what do we see there? We are immediately faced with cars after cars in the dealer's lot. Hundreds and hundreds of them.

Of course, even before getting there, we have a predetermined idea of the car that we would like to buy. But are you able to compare well with the sales pitch thrown at you by the car salesman. Nope! Going car to car, he will bombard you with the features of each car. But remember that he wants to sell you the most expensive car that he could sell you. That way, he makes more money in commissions. Your best interest is not what he has in mind.

But now, we can look for a new car and get free price quotes at , browse cars and compare them side by side. Pricing, warranties, features, options, monthly payment for each car, we do the comparisons in the comforts of our home. It is shopping in the internet age. It's so easy. You then take your pick without pressure from the car salesman. That's the way it is supposed to be. You arrive at your conclusion without aggravation. Without pressure. Buying autos the easy way is the norm now rather than the exception.

A very good service is . It is the Internet’s pioneer and leader in providing unbiased automotive information, tools and services to consumers.

Another useful auto site is Yahoo! Autos .

Make buying autos a breeze with Yahoo! Autos .

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