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Buying new car that saves you money, that has the features that you want, and which produce the least amount of headache is the purpose of this site. But the car of your dream will not just appear magically in your driveway.

Some research and a fair amount of knowledge brings you that desired sports coupe or family van with the least amount of aggravation.

Car-BuyingTip #1

But first things first: you need to have a positive attitude when you appear at the doorstep of any auto dealership. Be relaxed. One thing that can make you relaxed is being knowledgeable in buying new car of your choice. Don't ever go to a dealership when you are tired or hungry. In such states, you are prone to pressure by eager salesmen.

And don't stop by a dealership when you are scheduled to go to work. (Ooops! that happened to me. I ended up bringing to work a used car where I had zilch, nada, zero savings. The car was advertised at a local paper; they said the pricing was the lowest they would go. Plus my wife went to the dealership with me and during the test drive, showed too much enthusiasm for the car that we tested. More on that "visible enthusiasm" later. That used cars shopping trip happened 10 years ago, and you guessed right - I knew next-to-nothing about buying cars.)

Car-Buying Tip #2

Take advantage of consumer rebates and cash incentives.

Car-Buying Tip #3

Know your credit score.

 New car buyer's biggest mistake is ignorance of his credit score. This important stat is important in determining whether you can qualify to buy a car. If you are able to buy one, a low credit score means you have to make higher monthly can payments.

That's why it's very important to get an installment loan where you make monthly payments so as to establish your credit and therefore improve credit score allowing you to attain a good credit score as you make timely payments for 6 months to 1 year. When buying new car, sites like can help you make informed decisions.

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