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It's best to buy car online. These days, it could be the best way to buy a car , thereby bypassing

dealerships. Dealers might not have the model that you want or offer options that you don't want, increasing the car's cost.

It's probably your best bet in a no-hassle car shopping. So before you jump into buying that car that you saw at the dealership, think again. The next page will show you how the dealer applies pressure to squeeze more money out of you. Quite different from doing the deal online. It's never too late to switch to online deals but at the dealership, after you've signed the paperwork, it might be too late to change your mind.

At websites like you can quickly find the car or truck that you want, at a very competitive price, with no haggling or high-pressure sales pitch. Within a few weeks, you can receive an email notifying you that your vehicle is ready for pickup from a local dealership.
According to, an auto web site, nearly 30% of buyers

buy cars online . While the advantages might not seem obvious at first, auto experts agree that shoppers can save time and money if they buy car online. Perhaps more important, the entire process is a lot more pleasant: No more wrestling with tough and sometimes dishonest sales teams.

You can purchase new car and find used car online. People who've purchased new models say it's remarkably easy. Most sites will forward your request for a free quote to a dealership's Internet sales department. These people make their commissions based on volume rather than price. They understand the importance of offering a fair price to move the sales process along quickly.

You can walk into a dealership, offer $500 over invoice on a particular car and get laughed off the lot but online, you can contact the Internet manager, buy car online and get the best new car deal that you can find.

Those looking to purchase a new car online typically field multiple offers at a time — a detail not lost on the dealerships. They know that if they want your business, they'll have to offer you a competitive price. Of course, there's always the opportunity to try to haggle it down even more.

In addition to the sales price, you can work out all the smaller details online as well, including after market products (like rust proofing and extended warranties) and financing. You can also arrange your auto financing loan with your credit union or from internet sites like and . By arranging everything upfront, you can all but avoid the finance-and-insurance manager. These are the best salespeople in the business, and they can squeeze more money out of almost anyone.

But the Internet can't offer first-hand experience of how a particular model handles. So as soon as you know which model and features you're interested in, go down to your local dealer, take the car out for a test drive and make sure you like it.

Once you've read all the reviews and taken your future car out for a test drive, it's time to research prices. On sites such as and , you can compare the sticker price with the invoice price, and also see if the manufacturer is offering any incentives. also provides users with the True Market Value of every vehicle on the market. This is an average price for what other consumers in your area are paying. You shouldn't have to pay more than this. When you signal the intent to buy car online, the web site's Local Car Dealer tool puts you in touch with the Internet managers at local dealerships, which tend to offer lower prices than the salespeople you'll find on the showroom floor. This is a great incentive for you and me to change our buying habits, and instead buy car online.

At you never have to haggle or step foot in the dealership again. This web site offers a low price guarantee and many of its partner dealerships will even deliver the car or truck to your door. Another good reason to buy car online instead of offline.

Each site works a little differently. If you use local dealers will e-mail you free price quotes. There's no obligation to buy, and consumers should feel free to ask for a lower price. It's going to be tough to get a car for under invoice unless it's last year's model and the dealership needs to unload it to make room for newer vehicles. acts more like a broker. It has relationships with dealerships that agree to charge the web site's low-price guarantee. (If you find a lower price within three days of the sales transaction, will match it.) Even though your purchase is made through a dealer, the entire transaction feels like it's conducted through . Most of the company's partner dealerships will even deliver the car to your front door. To buy car online could be the best thing out there.

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