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The best used cars that you can expect to ever buy is first of all, the car that you always want to

have but which you think is beyond your budget when new, free of defects, one or two years old (still has its extended warranty), has all the options that you desire to make your driving comfortable and most of all cheap. Cheap used cars are available online and offline but you need to work hard to get them. Plus you need to arm yourself with some knowledge in finding them, whether at eBay , auto auctions , or buying them from an individual seller. Buying used cars that are not only cheap but quality used cars as well shows how knowledgeable you are as a car buyer at this stage.

Buying From eBay

Buying from eBay is not for everybody. But for veteran eBay car buyers, it's the source of the best used autos online. There's no negotiating involved but for most buyers, it's hard to buy a car without driving it first. If you can search for a seller who would allow you to decline the car once you arrived for an inspection would be ideal. It's difficult to imagine, but many eBay car sellers offer buyers no way to back out when they see the car in person. Photos and lengthy descriptions found on the auction postings are nice but you don't really know what to expect and what you're getting is not the best used cars out there.

Use the eBay buyer tools: Be sure to check the feedback from other buyers regarding the seller. Make sure the individual is rated as a seller, not a buyer. Read the auction description carefully and request more photos by e-mail if necessary to assure yourself you got the best used cars in this popular marketplace.

Watch the auctions for a while before bidding. Hit the "watch this item" feature to track sales and search "completed items" to track final sale prices.

Call the seller: It can be reassuring to develop a rapport with the seller, and sale terms may be more flexible than you think. Look for no-reserve auctions: Find the seller who doesn't set a minimum winning bid amount, which often is as high as the car's retail value.

And make sure you have an out: Bid only on auctions where sellers allow you to cancel after you inspect the car.

When it's time to pay, usually it's by cash so don't be surprised if the seller won't accept your check.

Very important: Have the car inspected by a mechanic. If the car you want is far away, don't worry. You can contact a growing number of mobile mechanics in the city where the car is sold and for as little as $100, check the car for you. Arrange for an inspection when you arrive. Also, the eBay site offers inspection services in 50 major metro markets, as well as a free limited warranty for the drive home for many cars. eBay could be a good source of best used cars.

Use on-line pricing services: Free services like the True Market Value system at gives a

quick, realistic idea on retail and wholesale values of used cars.

Decide on a fair price for a car, then bid and walk away. Don't get caught up in a bidding war and end up paying too much.

Factor in travel or delivery costs: Remember you have to pick up the vehicle or have it shipped when you win the auction. Include gas, hotels, food, lost work time and plane tickets in the cost. It makes no sense to take a chance on making a trip if you're not saving anything. Remember that your goal is finding the best used cars at a price you are happy with.

Buying from eBay auctions are revolutionary because they eliminate the part of the car buying experience many people dislike: the in-person haggling over price with a salesman. And without the hated haggling, you might end up with the best used cars in the car marketplace.

Buying From Auto Auctions

Buying cars at auto auctions , just like eBay auctions, is not for every body. Out there, you're on your own. If you are ignorant of the steps to do it right, auctions can be dangerous to your pocketbook because that's where the junked, flooded, and rebuilt cars are most likely to be found. But it could be your source of the best used cars available.

There are only three types of auctions where you can bid: Online auto auctions like eBay Motors auto auctions and Yahoo Auctions, Public Auto Auctions and Police Auctions & Government Auctions .

Insurance Auto Auctions & Salvage Auto Auctions are usually open only to dealers whereas Wholesale Auto Auctions are usually dealer to dealer type auctions only.

The key to getting good deals at public auctions is knowledge of what you're doing. Carry with you a Kelley Blue Book, NADA guide or Edmunds book if you're going to a public auction.

If you have a Pocket PC or Palm Pilot, bring it with you so you can run the VIN number from the auction. That way, you can check the Title and find out if it had been salvaged, rebuilt, damaged by fire; check the Odometer to find out if it had been rolled back or broken; Problem check on the frame if there was water damage effectively putting the car in the category of a Lemon and lastly find out if the car was involved in auto accidents, auto theft or whether it was used by Police, Taxi, or if it was a Fleet car.

During bidding, don't forget that your main goal in going to a car auction is to buy a car below the market value. On the sale price, don't forget, will be tacked a buyer's premium that runs from a few hundred dollars up to 10% of the winning bid.

With the right knowledge, you can get good deals in auto auctions but to the uninitiated, he might go home owning a car that had been bid high and priced a couple of grand higher than it's worth. Use your common sense to obtain the best used cars that are possible in auto auctions.

Buying From An Individual

Buying from an individual often yields bargains and because private parties aren't very good in negotiating prices like professional car salesmen, it's much less painful. With less haggling and coming up with the best used cars is great. But warranties are non-existent and it's hard to get a refund if problems arise. Existing Lemon Laws only cover cars bought from dealerships.

But private sellers have an inflated opinion of how much their car is worth. That's why you need to be armed with printout from free information car sites like . You don't want to end up with a lemon car. Uncover any problems that may arise with your prospective car. With private sales, what you see is generally what you get. The one bright spot is warranties. If a used car is still under the factory warranty, the coverage applies no matter who owns it. Thus, knowing that late-model cars are still covered is a real bargain. If the owner bought an extended warranty, for a small fee, typically $25, you can transfer the coverage to you.

Private parties could be your source of best used cars.

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