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Making auto purchases nowadays is a delight. Everybody who has used the

existing services agrees that:
• It's a lot easier
• It's a lot faster
• It's cheaper
• You achieve customer satisfaction

Indeed, the car buying habits of car shoppers is changing. Take a look at the following research:

"Vehicle sales to consumers are shifting online at a rapid pace. By 2007, 37 percent of all new car sales will be the direct result of a specific purchase decision made online. Automotive sites that accommodate consumers' diverse research styles and needs can most effectively influence their purchase decisions."

That is a big shift. Whereas 5 years ago, consumer distrust of shoppers with regard to purchases online was still high, there emerge the consensus that with better safeguards in place, internet shopping is safe.

But auto purchases should still be done offline. The internet only provides us with tools and services to make it easier to identify and pick the cars to buy. We are free to look and compare online without the watch eye of the car salesman. Indeed, car salesmen will keep their jobs because people have different shopping preferences. Some people like to shop with the help of a professional and that's where salesmen come in the picture.

But others like to take their time shopping for a car without the sales pitch and without the pressure. That's the way I feel. You don't like to shop for clothes in a big department store with the saleslady following you around and pointing potential buys. You would rather be alone and decide your purchases. So it is with auto purchases.

Whether you are buying new cars or buying used cars , there are ways to do it online - easy way. Online car services provide more detailed comparisons than a car salesman could possibly do. And you can take your time in your auto purchases in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Take a look at a car service like It is the Internet’s pioneer and leader in providing unbiased automotive information, tools and services to consumers. With Edmunds, you can compare up to 5 cars at one time according to Pricing, Rating, Features and Specs.

Free Price Quotes at

You can get road test results, long term results, find out about editor's picks

and suggestions.

Choose among popular cars:

Editors' Most Wanted
Consumers' Most Wanted
Lowest True Cost to Own
Used Car Best Bets
Depreciation Ratings
Most Researched Vehicles
Top 10 Lists

You can get the latest news and trends about auto purchases. You can find out about such important things like auto recalls, most stolen cars, most fuel- efficient cars and such.

It's neat and it's about the right time that consumers have a choice in their car purchases.
Try your auto purchases online by clicking here.

Get your Free Price Quotes at and be on your way soon to owning a car where tips on this page will serve you well.

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