1st Car Driver Insurance Time - There Are Ways to Get Cheap Car Insurance

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If you have a 16-year old kid who just got his driver license and who is ready to

drive - 1st car driver insurance time! That dreaded aspect of driving for your teens when you know that you will have to pay high insurance rates.

Statistics show that the younger the driver, the more risks they take, hence more accidents . Insurance companies charge us parents high insurance premium and that's the way it is. They simply pass on to us the costs of doing business for the mistakes of some.

But there are ways to lessen the pains of those expensive premiums. We know we couldn't avoid them altogether.

Examine your car insurance policy. Cheap car insurance is probably hiding behind the fine prints.

Some companies offer good student teen driver insurance discounts. You could probably be saving up to 25% on your teen's car insurance if she maintains a "B" average or above.

Keep your teen driver insured on your policy, and list him as an occasional driver if possible.

Shop around. If it's 1st car driver insurance time, it pays to go to the internet for online car insurance. Car insurance rates vary a lot from company to company, so get a few quotes. (We like Netquote, because you can get multiple competing quotes from one easy online application.)

But most importantly, instruct your teens to drive safely . Tell them the consequences of accidents . I know they learn it from driving school but that coming from parents is important. Tell them how accidents and traffic tickets raise premiums.

The Best Cars For Teens

Other than educating your teens, buy them the car that you know will save you money on insurance premiums. 1st car driver insurance time may not be dreadful anymore if we know how.

The best cars for teen drivers are slower, bigger cars with a lot of safety features. We all know how most teens drive. They are very prone to accidents, especially ones caused by speeding, so the smaller the temptation, the better.

Teen like to impress their peers. It's a way of life. But if their car is not so flashy, there is less temptation to show off.

Buy your teens older used models - they are less likely to encourage reckless driving behavior. As an added bonus, a used car can decrease the cost of auto insurance for teens too, especially if you drop collision and comprehensive coverages.

Or if you want a new car if you worry about a car's dependability especially for

your teen girls out late at night, buy newer models with tons of safety features. Insurance companies give discounts for improved safety devices like airbags, antilock brakes, and automatic seat belts.

Another thing to remember during this 1st car driver insurance time, no matter how popular they are, SUVs are generally not safe cars for teen drivers. Not only can they encourage aggressive driving, but according to studies provided by consumer magazines like Consumer Guide they are very easy to roll, which doubles the danger. A disproportionate number of teenage auto accident involve only one vehicle, so it's best to stay on the safe side.

Online Auto Insurance For Teens

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