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is your one-stop resource site in finding anything about cars: buying a car whether new or used, selling a car, leasing a car, learning all about car loans, tips in getting cheaper car insurance, how to find cheaper car rentals and tips in other activities that pertain to cars.

This site is everything about the automobile. What you need to know. You may want to buy your new girlfriend a car (because you work at MacDonald's and you've been saving for many months, now you want to help her buy at least a used car because you're 21 and she's, well... 18.  So you go to a dealership, armed with all the knowledge about buying a car you possess, like the precious experience you have when you've been had by that lecherous neighborhood salesman...

Ooops, my mistake, that's the wrong guy!!

Yeah, that's the one!#*@&&# (and I have nothing against our President. So far, in my humble opinion, he's been doing great).

Buying a new or used car, leasing a car and the myriad stuff that go with it like shopping for car insurance, searching for a convenient and affordable rental car, shopping for car financing is work. It ain't easy but... it can be fun and rewarding if you know how to do it. Yes folks, like the saying "knowledge is power".

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In the car marketplace, let's look at two car buyers: one without knowledge or experience and the other who is knowledgeable and more skilled in the ins and outs of car buying. Who do we think will come out of the car dealership with more savings?

Of course the experienced and knowledgeable one, who is going home with hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars of savings because he avoided the pitfalls that go the way of inexperienced and ignorant car buyers.

With this website, whether you're buying a new car, cheap cars, looking for lease transfer, shopping for cheap auto insurance - anything about cars can help you meet your needs. Buying a car is a major task because it's one of our biggest financial investments. In the process of doing so, there are pitfalls that we should be aware of. Like being ripped-off or getting a lemon so "buyers beware" should be your motto whenever you look for a new car purchase or a second hand vehicle. Having a car is a necessity.

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Buy Your Next Car Online

For most people, using public transportation is out of the question. They need a car to go places. Buying a car is a better alternative and this site will help you in your new car buying adventure with the least strain on your pocketbooks. Yes, it's possible to buy cheap cars and this website will let you learn anything about cars. Explore this website to find out how to make buying autos an adventure and not a headache.

Cheap new cars - where can you find them? How about near new cars at rock-bottom prices? Or check my page of car trivia and facts which can be amusing as well as informative to car buffs and trivia lovers.
It helps to know how to get cheap car insurance, or discount auto insurance? Every driver needs insurance coverage after all. Or finding  automobile loans if your credit is bad. Visit this site's history of the automobile if you are curious in finding out how the automobile evolved and the people responsible for its development.  They say "knowledge is power" and this site's car shopping tips can help you in dealing with salespeople and dealers. If you love to travel, it helps to know how to get cheap car rentals.

Prospective car buyers are faced with a lot of choices today. Sometimes, they choose the wrong one through ignorance. But in today's world, we are luckier than the car buyers 30 years ago. Why? Because a lot of information, through the internet, is available at our fingertips. This after all is the Information Age. The internet had multiplied immensely the information available to us. And we can use them to our advantage. We can find anything about cars through the various car sites that abound online. And starting by the late 1990's, the car buying landscape changed. More and more people are buying cars online because it's faster, cheaper, and provides less-hassle. Let this car guide help in learning anything about cars.

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For example, obtaining cheap cars is easier nowadays. The internet had opened doors that are previously known to only a relatively few people. Now we know that through car auctions, we can find cheaper cars, cars that cost a lot more in the more regular venues.
Of course, information about auto auctions had been around before. But it seemed that people simply just didn't notice. At least, the majority of them.

This site will strive to find answers to a lot of questions, anything about cars....

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1969 Corvette Stingray

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1999 Bentley Hunaudieres

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